Whos dating who on 90210

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Whos dating who on 90210

Life was rough for Garth's character Kelly Taylor (second from left), who was raped, went to rehab, had a miscarriage and shot a man, over the course of 10 seasons -- not to mention her turmoil trying to choose between Dylan (Luke Perry) and Brandon (Jason Priestley).Garth reprised her role in both "Melrose Place" and, later, The CW's "90210" series.have investigated the question of whether Dylan or Brandon has committed the worse crimes of behaviour/personality/styling, for Game Show Week, we're pitting Brandon against another of the show's egregious examples of '90s teen boyhood: Steve Sanders. The short verzh: the viewer is supposed to sympathize with Brandon because it's obvious that Clare is smarter and has a better shot at nabbing a spot than he does.Remember the time, in the S3 episode "Perfectly Perfect," when Steve convinced Brandon that the two of them should go on a dating show? Unfortunately, Brandon is an asswipe, and because there are no categories such as Shelfheads, Double Standards Among The Sexually Active, and Giant Wristwatches, it's completely unrealistic that Brandon would survive the initial cull."I mean, I could understand if I was the King." He gestures toward a decanter shaped like Elvis Presley.

The producer tests Steve, asking how far he likes to go on the first date, and when Steve gets all embarrassed, the guy has to be like, "No, dude..something like 'Santa Barbara.'" And when the guy starts to ask "What kind of vegetable—" Steve cuts him off: "Zu CCHINI." Shut up, Steve. Of course, he and Celeste AND STEVE all end up on the same episode I mean what are the odds?!

4, 1990), Lifetime is airing "The Unauthorized Beverly Hills, 90210 Story" on Saturday, Oct.

3, following the success of the network's other nostalgic, behind-the-scenes movies about "Saved by the Bell" and "Full House." So what happened to the stars of Aaron Spelling's teen soap that aired through the entirety of the '90s?

Jason Priestley’s new memoir, Jason Priestley: A Memoir, hit bookstores last week and is as charmingly oblivious as the title suggests.

First off, we have to hand it to the guy, because he works really hard.

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The lights at the Peach Pit dimmed more than a decade ago, but we'll never tire of hearing about behind-the-scenes drama on the set of "Beverly Hills, 90210."Jennie Garth has a dishy new memoir, "Deep Thoughts From a Hollywood Blonde," in which the mom of three talks about moving on from her divorce from Peter Facinelli and her first marriage to musician Dan Clark, whom she left for the "Twilight" star.

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