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(1) From the proceeds of the sale the warehouser must satisfy the warehouse lien and must pay over the surplus, if any, to the person entitled to it.(2) The warehouser must, when paying over the surplus, deliver to the person to whom the warehouser pays it a statement of account showing how the amount has been computed.(3) If the surplus is not demanded by the person entitled to it within 10 days after the sale, or if there are different claimants or the rights to it are uncertain, the warehouser must pay the surplus into the Supreme Court on its order.(4) The order referred to in subsection (3) may(a) be made on an application without notice to anyone and on the terms and conditions as to costs and otherwise as the court may direct, and(b) direct to what fund or name the amount of the surplus must be credited.(5) At the time of paying the amount of the surplus into court the warehouser must file in court a copy of the statement of account showing how the amount has been computed.

(1) At any time before the goods are sold, any person claiming an interest or right of possession in the goods may pay the warehouser the amount necessary to satisfy the lien, including the expenses incurred in serving notices and advertising and preparing for the sale up to the time of the payment.(2) The warehouser must deliver the goods to the person making the payment if that person is the person entitled to the possession of the goods on payment of the warehouser's charges on them, otherwise the warehouser must retain possession of the goods according to the terms of the contract of deposit.

This feature is incompatible with database export using Data Tier Application Framework (DACFx). Transact-SQL Syntax Conventions ' Specifies the complete path, including file name, to a DER-encoded file that contains the certificate.

If the EXECUTABLE option is used, the file is a DLL that has been signed by the certificate.

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In the United States, goods may remain in the bonded warehouse up to five years from the date of importation.Upon entry of goods into the warehouse, the importer and warehouse proprietor incur liability under a bond.This liability is generally cancelled when the goods are: While the goods are in the bonded warehouse, they may, under supervision by the customs authority, be manipulated by cleaning, sorting, repacking, or otherwise changing their condition by processes that do not amount to manufacturing.can be a local path or a UNC path to a network location.The file is accessed in the security context of the SQL Server service account.

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