Updating xbox 360 dashboard

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Updating xbox 360 dashboard

You will not be able to connect to Xbox Live until you grab this latest dashboard download.It should take less than 10 minutes to download and install. Midnight launch parties are happening all around the US, including a big spectacle at Times Square in New York City (where I'll be).One large change to the dashboard includes a higher level of integration with social networks.

Users that first boot up the console are brought to the Dashboard, from where they can launch games, navigate to the Xbox Live Marketplace, change system settings, or use various other Xbox features.Above: The Xbox 360 is going beyond just a "media hub" and becoming an "everything hub"Kinect is the headlining feature of the update, but there are several others being added to the system as part of the installation.And they are: If you want to play Kinect games but don't have an Internet-connected Xbox 360, don't worry.Finally, your Microsoft account balance will now appear on-screen in the top-right corner of the Xbox Dashboard (this can also be disabled).ORIGINAL STORY 9/4/15 4.50am Microsoft has detailed a new Xbox 360 system update that boosts the console's external USB drive support up to 2TB.

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Increased hard drive support has been one of the most-requested features for Xbox 360 on the official Xbox Feedback website.

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