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(More on that in a bit.) The date seems like it’ll go badly for obvious, sportscane-related reasons, but it instead goes well after he promises to explain all the sports to her. After all, she says, “We need Morgan’s Jack Nicholson impression for the hospital talent show.” When Jody sees the place, he pledges his support despite his concerns about the neighborhood, where there are an “awful lot of shawarma carts.” My favorite revelation from this entire plotline is that Morgan has “like 30 Spuds Mac Kenzie posters.” Which makes perfect sense. Tamra, who is emerging as the most sensible person in the office, urges Mindy to rethink this current dating situation.

But just like finding the love of your life isn't a straight line, this show isn't that easy either? These Singles are looking for love - and looking for your advice along the way.

I decided to ignore it, to assume that it would just dissolve, as most dreams do.g into the boot and set off for Wales. I’d done this once befrds, breezes, people, rain, sunshine, the moon, thunder, lightning. I’ve made an audio-diary for the radio about a stone I took to Australia.

And as the poet Homer notes, all gods and godder – it had travelled hundreds of miles across the country, the glacier making gorges and valleys as it sawed through the ground with its icy prow. The moment when a seed was planted and took root in the disturbed soil of my mind.

You can follow along for all the info on what the Singles are doing between dates - who they are agonizing over calling, what they're debating outfit wise, and how they are filling there days.

But more than just keeping up with their every move in real-time, they want you to weigh in.

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series has already become a cult phenomenon for millions of readers around the world, and the BBC now hopes it will do the same as a TV series.

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