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Until the set has been completely assessed we will not know the full extent of the damage caused, I doubt very much that the set will run again in the 2017 season.” Saturday 22nd July was the launch of the new bigger and better ‘60s Fest’ event which was taking place over the weekend.The railway welcomed thousands of passengers, who enjoyed live music, just meters away from where the carriages were vandalised.

Before their discovery by paleoanthropologist Lee Berger and his son in 2008, there were fossils of individuals found at the Malapa cave site some 60 km northwest of Johannesburg met their demise at almost precisely this time.

A video of a road rage incident in Hull has gone viral after it was posted to reddit on Sunday night – but the only question everyone is really asking is, who is Ronnie Pickering?

The video, which has been viewed tens of thousands of times in a matter of hours, shows a disagreement between a Citroen driver and a man on a moped, who filmed the incident and put it up on You Tube.

I’ve just had an article published on Science Alert: Dating Our Ancestors – Measuring the Age of Australopithecus sediba (Science Alert).

The article was actually written based on research I conducted for an Up Close podcast on the subject. Every so often, a curious thing happens to the Earth’s magnetic field.

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Chris Price, NYMR’s General Manager said, We were absolutely devastated to discover that the carriages had been damaged overnight.