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* Flat, easy trail or section with asphalt or crushed limestone surface.See our Spree For All page for more information about accessible trails.The rolling to hilly terrain reaches its highest elevation at 1,300 feet.Many small lakes provide water for industry and recreation, and the landscape is a mix of open terrain and wooded areas.Bringing you the freshest produce from the farm to your kitchen! Feel free to call with any questions or concerns at 330-630-3354. Super clean ...super organized...super stocked with fresh product...awesome produce, Amish type foods & farmers market type inventory. Makes me happy to see a family operated business like this. Family owned and operated, serving Northeast Ohio for over 70 years.For a town its size, Akron does have some arts presence.

Signs of coyotes can often be seen while hiking through the meadow.

Akron is known as an industrial center and center of the U. Although the majority of the production has shifted south and overseas, Akron remains a corporate center for tire companies, including Goodyear, Uniroyal-Goodrich, and Gen Corp.

The area once produced over half the tires made in the United States, in addition to manufacturing other rubber, plastic, and chemical products.

Because of the terrain, winter temperatures and snowfall vary considerably over the area, with more snow in the north.

Lake Erie, which strongly influences the weather, tempers cold air masses during the late fall and winter and contributes to formations of brief but heavy snow squalls.

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All 3 employees I spoke with today were friendly and helpful. Your little diamond just won you a new customer every Friday.

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