Little fish big pond dating site

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Little fish big pond dating site

I remember my mama having “wash day” every Thursday. With her coffee cup filled with Maxwell House coffee and her ashtray filled with her Marlboro Reds propped at the end of her ironing board, she worked, laughed, and talked on the phone all day.

I remember Days of Our Lives on the TV in the background–the music of my youth.

Despite the compelling evidence and age-old maxims, however, people abide by that advice to different degrees in different situations.

While one study found that on average, roughly two-thirds of people would prefer to have a high IQ and live in a less-intelligent place than the reverse, for example, that percentage varied from 18 percent to 80 percent across different situations.

If there is one impression I can take away from the 2016 AASLH/ MMA Annual Meeting, it is this: there are “Small Museums”, and there are museums.

I attended several of the sessions that were specially geared towards small museums and making the most of limited resources.

How I wish I had just one picture or recording of those times.

If she was feeling especially lighthearted, at the end of the day she would make the ironing board “little” or my size so I could practice ironing like she did.

I thought, “Is this the way they do it in Los Angeles? Oh boy…Racing up to the front of a long line, we encountered a Chinese family with luggage and boxes covered with electrical tape for days.

Running down the hallway with flight attendants waiting and looking at their watches and clipboards, we finally made it! When we got to Byron Bay, we had an opportunity to do a 12 Step workshop for a community of about 150 Australian men and women. As we got ready to go my husband pulled out the shirt he brought to wear and it was so wrinkled it looked like he had worn it on the plane! As I got ready to use it, the clasp hung in the middle and the board would not extend to its full height.

As I pulled up a chair to sit and iron his shirt, childhood memories came flooding back to me.

In Japan, they tend to say that it’s better to be the head of a sardine than the tail of a whale.

Americans and Brits often declare that it’s better to be a big frog (or fish) in a small pond than a little frog in a big pond.

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