Excel charts not updating

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Excel charts not updating

Follow these general steps: When you create a new document based on the template, Word warns you that the document contains links that may refer to other files (see Figure 9-14).

Click the No button: you don't want to change the chart in the template itself, only in the document that you create based on the template.

If you get tired of modifying charts to refer to new data ranges, there are a couple of shortcuts you can try out.

The first shortcut works fine if you simply need to "fine tune" the range used in a chart.

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It sounds as though you'd do better to link the chart to your report template.

When an Excel chart is added to a Share Point page in this way, it will not be updated automatically when the list data is changed.Our sumifs simply keeps track of the sum of each metric for each month (this process is explained in our appendix for those of you who are new to this formula). B) We nest this in a simple if formula to prevent our sumifs from returning a zero, and replacing it with an empty text string instead.Formula (abridged) from cell B3 SUMIFS(‘Data For Our Graph’! We then use named ranges that point towards our automatically updated tables.So far, I've been copying the chart and pasting it into the Word document.This works fine, but it means that to make sure it's up to date, I need to paste in the chart about five seconds before I print the documentwhich feels more than a little tense.

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The trick here is that a named range can be defined using a formula.

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