Dating in havana

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Dating in havana

But perhaps the best part of a visit to Havana is the people.Friendly and outgoing, the locals are proud of their culture-rich Caribbean city and happy to share its historic treasures and many hidden gems.Check availability and rates in Havana Casa Particular (family house - private house - bed and breakfast).Get complete details for Old Havana, Vedado, Havana Central, Havana Beach, Miramar, Casa with swimming pool with

Listen to live rumba music on a street corner, feast at restaurants where Hemingway once dined, or inhale the salt-soaked air along the famous Malecón. The name "Havana" conjures images of Spanish conquistadors, revolutionary heroes, and the literati and glitterati who once basked on these sun-splashed shores.Today, the fascinating history of Cuba's capital awaits travelers at every twist and turn; in the cobbled streets of Old Havana, in the beautiful Cuban Baroque buildings, the historic forts, museums, legendary restaurants, and lively public squares.Continuing past the impressive Capitolio building and through the fascinating narrow cobblestone streets in the heart of the old city, we will make many stops to admire the sights.We will continue with a visit to Conde de villanueva which includes: an explanation and demonstration of rolling a cigar by a specialist, how to select a good cigar and how to light it, tasting a Cuban coffee and Cuban Rum.

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Following lunch and a short walk through the craft market, the tour will continue through Old Havana towards the harbour with stops at Plaza de San Francisco and the small garden dedicated to Princess Diana and Mother Teresa.

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