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Dating a mountain climber

To summit (to reach the top of the mountain) a 14-er is not as easy as it may sound.You might think, “it’s just an extra long hike and it gets a little hard to breath toward the end, right? Summiting a 14-er requires you to push through numerous mental road blocks, physical pain and exhaustion, help your hiking partners get to the top with you, and, if you’re lucky, getting to know yourself in a whole new way. Uncompahgre a year ago, I have “summited” six more 14-ers. But they are not without a new challenge and a new lesson each and every time.They have goals and will push themselves and want to be pushed by you. They have a ‘go with the flow’ type attitude and will understand that not everything always goes as planned, whether it is due to weather and road conditions, trail reports, unexpected life ‘happenings’, illness or injury which may hinder original plans.As long as they’re getting to spend the majority of their time outside in the fresh air, they are in good spirits. Eating healthy and working go hand in hand with being an outdoor enthusiast.This is my story about being a climber who stepped outside his comfort zone to address something that may have been missing in my training and Matt Lloyd Fifteen months ago my now business partner and I started talking about opening a gym.As a lifetime climber I wanted to do something for mountain athletes, to create a place where I would want to train; but I was also determined to create an environment dedicated to trying hard and focusing on improving rather than a mainstream hangout spot that feels more like recreation crossed with dating hour.

Reputations and bias aside, Cross Fit is something I should love.

These are challenges and lessons that also apply to scaling the summits of dating. Democrat, (the first of a group of four 14-ers I was set to climb in one day) I found myself going to battle with the voice in my head.

This voice tried to convince me that I couldn’t do this, that four summits were just too many for one day and that I wasn’t in good enough shape.

If they’re spending too much time getting ready that means less time outside. The outdoors provides numerous opportunities for challenge. Whether it's kayaking, biking, hiking, mountaineering, mountain climbing, skiing, snowboarding, or trail running. When it comes to each sport, lets dial up the intensity!

More difficult rapids, longer rides, harder courses, higher peaks, more difficult terrain, and more intense weather conditions.

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For guys, a quick rinse and a hat often does the trick.

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