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FOX411: So who knew Krystle was a whiz in the kitchen?

Linda Evans: I’m a lover of food and I look to cook. Evans: Julia Child, ‘Mastering the Art of French Cooking’ was the first cookbook I ever got. FOX411: So how did you became friends with Bo Derek and Ursula Andress, who was John Derek's wife before you? If John Derek had chosen lousy wives I wouldn’t have been their friends, if they weren’t beautiful human beings. I went through stages, but what’s really wonderful is when you take your mind off of all of the men and you put all your energy onto you, and you don’t get caught up in the past and "he should of"and "what if "and put your mind on something else than you can have a great life! I’m so grateful that John did that because he wanted me to stop working, period.

He has been an outstanding actor by his performance on the screen.

He has worked in different types of role in various movies and TV shows. He is a born-again Christian, but he doesn’t attend churches. Due to his charming personality, his net worth is increasing day by day.

The investigation and reporting plays out in Tom Mc Carthy’s Oscar-nominated drama, which is nominated for a “Best Picture – Drama” Golden Globe.

Mc Adams had a good excuse for missing the film’s overpacked bash at Bouchon in Beverly Hills on Friday night: She’s off shooting the Marvel movie “Doctor Strange.” With only 200 people initially slated at producers Open Road, Anonymous Content, and Participant Media’s dinner party, 500 showed up.

And then I realized that of course she wanted to be in his life, as I wanted to be in his life when we weren’t together. When you were married to him he made you everything. The fact that John fell in love with her, it’s not as if she had a design for him. But when I took my mind off the men in my life and put it on me, my career took off and I realized, ‘Why do I want him? Evans: I had a feeling when I read the script that it could be like that. We shot it for the whole day slugging it out on our knees. I wouldn’t give up being wiser for a young face and a tight body for anything. She is popular in the world for starring the role of Jenny Hanley in the 1979 film 10.Sexy and adorable, Bo was born as Mary Cathleen Collins in Long Beach, California, United States of America to Paul Collins and Norma Collins.“Spotlight” star Rachel Mc Adams is bringing Sacha Pfeiffer, the woman she portrayed in the film, to the Golden Globes on Sunday, The Wrap’s Party Report has learned.Mc Adams played the Boston Globe investigative journalist on the team that broke the sex abuse scandal and coverup in the Catholic church.

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My favorite food to cook is the dish that the person in front of me wants to eat. When I could make a hollandaise sauce and could put it on things I thought I’d died and gone to heaven. It was easy for me to be friends with them because I really liked them. I never would have had ‘Dynasty’ and the men that I loved after that.