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Their conversation is cut short by a call from David's mother reporting that his father has taken off once again.

David retrieves Woody and decides to drive him all the way to Lincoln, much to Kate's dismay.

This page lists public record sources in Dawes County, Nebraska.

But whereas Tennessee Williams’ landmark play – which made a star out of Marlon Brando, as an overly hunky incarnation of legendary slob Stanley Kowalski – gave equal prominence to the interloper and her rival, this one focuses almost unwaveringly on the sisters.While in Rapid City, South Dakota, Woody goes on a bender and hits his head while stumbling back to their motel room.David takes him to the hospital to get his head stitched up.A mammoth round-up of recent cinema releases, things I watched on a tiny laptop on a train, and a few we had on in the run-up to Christmas.CINEMA: Nebraska (Alexander Payne, 2013) - I saw this in a triple - yes, triple!

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When David sees the sweepstakes letter, he knows immediately that it is a mail scam designed to get gullible people to purchase magazine subscriptions.

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